Funding categories remain as last year (see below).


Proposals will now be examined from the end of June, in order to confirm funding for activities happening at the beginning of the following term. It would be helpful to include a letter with the proposals, outlining the achievements and successes of the previous year, as well as the targets the associations have in mind for 2013/14.


Additional funding for long term projects, projects involving several TPNs, or technical projects that could benefit all teachers may be made available, based on proposals.


Please note that collaboration with support structures is fundamental to the professional development of teachers. The TPN Steering Committee will consider proposals supported by PDST RDOs, Education Centres' Directors, Department Inspectors, etc.



Funding for the year 2012/13 has been reduced to the following amounts:



Maximum grant

for Activities

Maximum grant

for National

Executive Administration Costs

Level 1



Level 2



Level 3




Ongoing claims MUST be made as soon as an expense has been incurred or an activity has taken place, and no later than eight weeks after meeting/invoice date. Late claims will incur in a 10% surcharge



Funding for the year 2011/12 has been confirmed. There have been no major changes in the forms.



Funding for conferences is limited to 50% of your ACTIVITIES grant.

Maximum allocation amounts have been agreed for some National Executive administration costs. These are as follows:  

  • T&S for members of Executive: Maximum 40% of total granted. Please specify number of members and number of meetings.
  • Telephone/broadband expenses: Maximum €15 per member per month; maximum €180 per member per annum, or maximum €1,500 total for TPN.
  • Creation of website: Maximum €2,000 – 3 quotes must be presented.
  • Website maintenance: Maximum €100 per month (invoice must be submitted).

Always consult with the Director of your nominated Education Centre and with the appropriate PDST personnel (i.e. regional or national coordinator) in formulating your proposal.


Mailshots and Printing

Under TES regulations all TPNs are required to keep postage costs to a minimum. Newsletters should be distributed by email and internet. Printing of newsletters will not be sanctioned for the coming year. Other printig costs should be kept to a minimum.


The Steering Committee has been informed that the insurance policy of an Education Centre may, by agreement with the Centre, be extended for activities organised by TPNs in collaboration with the Centre (either the local or nominated Education Centre). Students activities will NOT be covered under Education Centres insurance. However it is advisable to discuss your TPN cover with your nominated Education Centre.


The Steering Committee will review on an annual basis the extent to which TPNs adhere to their budgeted proposals and to the programme that has been approved .

There will also be a financial review on the claims presented by TPNs with regards to their funding.


The Committee will not entertain requests for further grants in the current year.


For rates after 5th March please see document under the Administration tab.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Updated 14th June 2012


What are Teacher Professional Networks (TPNs)?

Teacher Professional Networks are teacher organisations which afford professional peer support to members. They comprise Subject Associations and other networks which support teachers of curricular programmes spanning a number of subjects (eg Leaving Certificate Applied, Transition Year etc.).


Supplementary Funding Scheme 

The Teacher Education Section (TES) of the Department of Education and Science (DES) has established a supplementary funding scheme to support the work of the TPNs. It is recognised that TPNs have other sources of funding including membership fees. To avail of the funding scheme, a TPN must submit a proposal to the Steering Committee which is representative of the interests involved and is chaired by a senior inspector in the Teacher Education Section of the DES. If the programme of activities are approved, the funding is made available to the TPN through an Education Centre nominated for the purpose by the TPN. Funding is available in two categories, CPD activities and National Executive activities.



The TPN scheme is administered by Blackrock Education Centre on behalf of the Department of Education Centre. The Steering Committee comprises:


Pat Seaver, Director, Blackrock Education Centre;

David Walsh, TES;

Tom Heneghan, TES;

Eibhlín Ní Scannláin, Department of Education and Science;

Caroline McHale , PDST;

James Mulcahy, ATECI;

Michéal Martin, SARG;

Anne Marie McEvoy, SARG;

Adela Fernández BEC, Administrator.


You may contact TPNs at tpn@blackrockec.ie.



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